Patna Corona Updates

Written by Jyoti Mishra | Updated : 25 July

Patna : Around 800 nurses engaging at Patna’s Corona Dedicated Hospital AIIMS went on strike from Thursday morning. The nurses are engaged on contract at AIIMS. The nurses demanded wage will increase and job security. Nurses demand equal get hold of equal work. The nurses gathered outside the AIIMS gate and raised slogans. The nurses’ strike has had a bearing on the treatment of hospitalized patients.
Patna AIIMS Nurses and Doctor's

Patna Nurses Strike for Increment of wages

Nurses demand that their services be regularised wage will increase and repair conditions modification . Negotiations are happening between the AIIMS administration , and therefore , the nurses  union . A nurse told that the duty of us is engaged within the corona patients ward. We tend to be caring for the patients of Corona, however there’s no job security. 

Bihar Government argue the Salaries

The government has augmented the salaries of medical examiners engaged within the treatment of Corona patients, however we’ve not received the benefit. If we tend to lose our job then we’ve got no document to point out that we’ve got worked in AIIMS. The nurses me work with us is victimised by Corona, there’s no facility for them. Me have no protection for our family either.

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