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Amazon is infamous for underpaying its employees and keeping them in the dark. This is a distinctive feature shared by large organizations. Another thing they have in common is gender discrimination and harassment.

Fve new lawsuits were filed on Wednesday by women who worked in corporate or warehouse management roles, and accused Amazon of gender, racial, or both biases. The women, who ranged in age from 23 to 64, accused it of favoring men over women in job advancement, enabling managers to disparage them, and retaliating after they complained.

The complaints were filed by the Wigdor law firm, which also represents a Black manager at Amazon Web Services who sued in March over claimed institutional racism.

According to an Amazon spokeswoman, the business has discovered no evidence to back up the allegations. He also stated that Amazon does not accept discrimination or harassment and is committed to fostering a “diverse, equal, and inclusive atmosphere.”

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos stated in April that his business needs to improve employee care, and Amazon stated that it wanted more Blacks in senior and executive jobs. Amazon has over 1.3 million full and part-time employees as of the end of 2020.

Infamous for Mistreating Employees, Amazon Hit With Racial & Gender Bias Cases

The corporation is now encouraging shareholders to vote no on a motion seeking an independent audit of its “impacts on civil rights, equity, diversity, and inclusion” at its annual meeting on May 26.

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