CoWIN application can’t be hacked

In India, the coronavirus is in full swing. Vaccination for covid is done throughout the country.  For the convenience of the vaccinators, a website called ‘CoWin’ was built on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Health.

3.1% of the population in India is fully vaccinated to date. Indian Government and state Government utilize their full potential to increase the supply of vaccination. Though there are many rumors spreading about the vaccines that prevail, many citizens are enthusiastic about getting vaccinated.

“India’s vaccination will be completed before 2021. The Health Ministry has given a blueprint for how 1.08 billion people, with 2.16 billion doses, will get vaccinated before December 2021”, says Union Minister Prakash Javadekar.

CoWIN application can’t be hacked

Those who wish to be vaccinated may make a reservation on this application. This webpage offers different information, including the location and time of the immunization. This application helps to find the nearest vaccination centers and the slot availability. This application is created to resolve overcrowding at the vaccination centers. Those who can’t make registrations through this application, can directly go to the vaccination centers and get vaccinated.

This application requires the applicants to enter various details. So, there is a fear of leakage of information. The Central Government says the CoWIN application can’t be hacked. So, people can trust the application and enter their details to get vaccinated.

The number of people registering in the CoWIN application to get a jab is also increasing day by day. Since the 24th of May, many citizens started getting vaccination doses.

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