Russia to develop nasal spray form of vaccine for children
Russia is trying to develop a nasal spray form of the covid 19 vaccines which would be used on children of age 8-12. Russia plans to launch this spray in September.

In a meeting with Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, Alexander Gintsburg, head of the Gamaleya Institute, the Institute that developed Russia’s vaccine Sputnik said that they’ll be ready to provide the doses to children by September 15.

Gintsburg said that the spray is the same as the vaccine, except “only instead of a needle, a nozzle is put on”.

Until now, no side effects have been detected in the use of the spray among children of age group 8-12.  “We are inoculating our little (patients) nasally, we are just administering the same vaccine as a nasal spray,” added Gintsburg.

According to a study, the Sputnik vaccine is 91.6 per cent effective against the virus among fully vaccinated people. A single dose version of Sputnik, Sputnik light, has also been developed in Russia to speed up the vaccination process.

In India , the Russian vaccine is distributed by Hyderabad based Dr. Reddy’s Lab (DRC).

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