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It has always been said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But beauty catches the eye of every person. Nature is beautiful and hence every element of nature is beautiful. Flowers have their own essence of beauty and fragrance. In these tough times of covid-19 a virtual ooty Flower show has been organised which says “Covid-19 vaccinate yourself.

The virtual Ooty flower show says : “Covid 19 vaccinate yourself “

This show can be seen from anywhere in the world

This amazing view showcases and exotic liner of flowers the Virtual tour of the 120 fourth edition of annual Flower show is organised in the government botanical garden in Udhagamandalam. A total of 2500 flower pots have been arranged to read – Covid-19 vaccinate yourself. This visual treat is available on the YouTube for all the people. A message that has been displayed through the nature.

The 55-acre Garden includes various beautiful flowers

The 55 acres Garden was set up in 1848 the Virtual tour shows the beautiful and timeless calla lillies, liliums, dahlias, salvias, and marigolds. Joint director of the department of horticulture in the Nilgiris, Shiva Subramanyam Samraj says, “the arrange 25000 potted plants including exotic flowers such as sapanarias, ranunculus, dianthus, petunias, statice and over 10 varieties of marigolds.

The virtual Ooty flower show says : “Covid 19 vaccinate yourself “

The preparation of this Garden started in October last year

Horticulture department purchased seeds from the dealers and prepare the garden in October last year. The seeds were cultivated in the January and nurtured them so that the flowers can be in full bloom the seeds were taken from Canada, Japan and other European countries.

The physical show was cancelled because of the pandemic this year

This is the second time in the history of the Flower show of the botanical garden that it has been cancelled the first time at cancelled because of the public Strike because of the crisis in the tea industry. It was first canceled two decades ago and in 20 21 the physical show was cancelled and a virtual show was organised.

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