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Corona Virues has engulfed many cities and cities around the world today. Today these cases in America, Italy, Germany, France, China, Iran have reached millions but their cases in India are banned here.  

But due to the lockdown, the capita has been undermined compared to the rest of the countries in the corona virus cases, the corona virus is currently closed in all offices, schools, shops, malls and all its school children.
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 But it is having a very deep impact, which was about to start its education, but it has stopped now, some of the children have not even done the exams, but the children from the first to the eighth have been promoted.  It is being done that many colleges are appealing to promote first and second year students.
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Due to this, many students are studying at home, in the colleges schools in the city, WhatsApp, Google Classroom, Hangout, YouTube and other medium are giving study material, online classes to the children, many students have their summer assignments on WhatsApp itself.
 Notes have been given to some, only daily notes are sent, whose online test is taken but many government schools in the same method villages  In Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and many other states, this method is not being followed, due to which students are facing many problems. 
there are many schools in Bihar which have been closed since December.  Students have been at home for the last 4 months, there is no such committee formed about their education that how to make education accessible to children properly, the results of class X in Bihar have come.
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Area but they still do next and how enrollment will cause it to take no notice has been issued to the education system has always questioned the quality is significantly reduced within Stir children.
If the teachers of village schools resort to online technology for their education system, it can reach all the children who are still at home and away from education, although this method will definitely work if the smartphone is in every household today.
Google Classroom is like an online class room in which teachers get all their students to join that class and can give them assignment notes projects in it. Many colleges have started using it if they resort to this technology. 
 If many states like Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh also implement this rule in their government schools and the teachers should sit at home  Notes should be Provide and regularly taken the test you can be a Best Method.

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