10 Beware of false Social media news –

1. Claim 498 / – free recharge of Jio.

  Conclusion: this is false news that spread on the social networks. The company has not made any such claims for free recharge services.
2- Claim: The people on the ground are screaming for help.
 Conclusion:– Picture of an art project of 2014.

3.Claim  It is believed that the Pictureis shown of Italy city with many corpses.
  Conclusion: The picture is taken from the movie of contagene (2015)  Which is about a virus that came from Hong Kong but the end of the movie the antivirus was maked.

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4- claim: Dr. Ramesh Gupta’s book is a treatment of corona in animal science.
 Conclusion: It is being  told that his creature’s book, which describes  about Corona virus’  Aspirin, anti histamine and  nasal spray are beneficial, but it is wrong

 5- Claim: Dr. Naresh Trehan of Medanta Hospital appeals to the National Emergency.
 Conclusion: Dr. Trehan made no appeal.

6- Claim: Many users have posted the image of a man and woman with masks undone, holding each other closely, and claimed that this is a doctor couple in Italy who have treated more than 134 Covid-19 patients, but died on the eighth day giving in to the deadly disease.
 Conclusion: The couple was photographed at Spain’s Barcelona airport and not in any hospital of Italy. The viral story along with the picture is also fictitious.

 7- Claim:It is being claimed that American scientis made this vaccine which can be cure a patient within 3 hours of injection of viruses.
 Conclusion:  – The fact say that it’s not a vaccine but it’s testing kit which is developed by South Korea .

 8- Claim : Corona virus life up to 12 hours.
  Conclusion :3 hours to 9 days.

9- Claim : About 500 lions have been released on the streets of Russia to stop people going out during the coronavirus pandemic.
  Conclusion:This is not true. The Russian government has yet to announce a widespread lockdown of any kind in Russia. The image of the lion is from South Africa in 2016.

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10 Claim: 800 coffins picture in  Italy.
   Conclusion:– This is a picture of a 7 year old incident in Italy . The coffins were of African immigrants who died in a shipwreck near the town of Lampedusa in southern Italy 366 immigrants died in that accident , one of the biggest recent tragedies in the region. The photograph was taken by the Tullio M. Puglia from Gatty images.

Note: please don’t response such type of news which is misleading the people research every type of news than decide the fact is wrong or right.

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