The World Health Organization has named the B.1.617 virus strain, which was discovered in India last year, as a “variant of concern” on a global scale. According to PTI, top US health officials said on Tuesday that Covid-19 vaccines available in the US are successful against the deadly form corona 2.0 that was first observed in India.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and the President’s chief medical advisor, told reporters at a news conference held in Washington that the mild neutralisation tolerance to the 617 antibodies means that the latest vaccines that we’ve all been talking about will be at least marginally effective and probably quite protective.

Dr. Fauci also claimed that the variants B617 and B1618 found in India have been neutralized with just a 2.5 fold decrease in titer. That falls well within the cushion effect of the ability to defend against infection and, more importantly, against serious disease.

Covid 2.0: US Vaccines Effective Against Covid Variant Found In India

The vaccines available in the United States, according to Andy Slavitt, White House COVID-19 Senior Advisor, are successful against the variant present in India. And it’s all the more justification that we can all get vaccinated whenever we have the chance, and we’ve seen the damage that these variants might bring in other nations. And we should not believe that this cannot happen in our country.

In short, this is yet another case of empirical evidence accumulating, practically within the past few days, showing yet another very good argument that we should all be vaccinated.

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