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What is Procrastination ?

 “While we waste our time hesitating and postponing, life is slipping away.”

— Seneca 

One common trait that we, as human beings are born with is the “art of being lazy”, also called “Procrastination”.

It has always been no less than a challenge. Procrastination begins as soon as we begin our day. Starting from the time we struggle to get up from our bed early morning and snoozing the alarm every time to delaying the assignment which has now crossed the submission date! But, why is it so? 

Time Management

Causes of Procrastinating !

Simply–because we all are a bunch of lazy souls! Subconsciously, we all simply don’t like to do work and just want to be nonproductive all-day. But this is simply not how life is meant to be lived.

The question is that WHAT ARE THE WAYS THAT PROCRASTINATION SHOULD BE REMOVED. But before we begin to answer this question, it is very important to know that .

Causes of laziness

Why is Procrastinating a bad idea for humans?

If you are an ambitious person, who has a dream in his/her mind, then it might be possible that procrastination could be one of the main barriers that is stopping you from getting up and making right decisions. You must have not noticed, but you might have found telling yourself. “Arey aaj padhai karne ka mann nahi hai, kal se start karti hu!”. That’s where the trouble began.

Researches & Studies about Procrastination 

Recent studies have shown that people regret more the things they haven’t done than the things they have done. In addition, feelings of regret and guilt resulting from missed opportunities tend to stay with people much longer. It should also be observed that PROCRASTINATION IS NOT MERELY LAZINESS Procrastinators often put off doing things, leave them to the very last moment or sometimes even spend their time staring at the wall and do nothing, but waste their time. 

Now, we”ll talk about some steps to finish procrastination and get your work done!

Make up your mind to do the assigned work. 

Procrastination Pronounce

How can you stop Procrastinating during lockdown ?

Follow the 21 days rule– If you want to stop your habit of procrastinating, start with a very simple excersise- Start doing your homework or the assigned task without being lazy for continuous 21 days. Researchers say that in 21 days, you will get used to complete the tasks in the given time without being lazy.)

Make a to do list- Avoid making long to do lists. Long to do lists will add up on the frustration level and we will have the tendency to give up on the tasks eventually. Make a “To Do- Today” list so that you will have your priorities set for the day. 

Don’t look up at your tasks when you are in bad mood. Find the right time and right mood to work on your tasks. 

Help me from laziness

Understand why you are procrastinating. 

Give yourself a sweet treat after task completion. (Tip: Give yourself a momos treat or finish a F.R.I.E.N.D.S season !)

Stop looking for distractions- Keep your phone to the side! 


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