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The corona crisis in the country is increasing day by day. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has expressed concern over this. Rahul Gandhi has said that if the country wants to prevent corona infection, there is no alternative but to do a complete lockdown.

Rahul Gandhi has made this demand by tweeting. The central government does not understand the situation. If you want to prevent corona infection, complete lockdown is the only option. However, justice and protection must be given to the poor before the lockdown. Rahul Gandhi has said that many people are losing their lives due to the inaction of the central government.

Rahul Gandhi had opposed the lockdown in the country during the first wave of corona. He had said that the poor were most affected by the central government’s decision. He had often made it clear that the virus could not be defeated by lockdown. Rahul has consistently targeted the central government for failing to vaccinate and prevent corona. He had on Monday criticized the Center for slowing down vaccinations.

He had recently given an interview to a news channel. He had also criticized the government. The central government has failed to control the infection from the very beginning. Rahul had said that despite repeated warnings, the central government had not taken the necessary steps to prevent corona infection. The Center has handed over the decision of lockdown to the states. He also criticized it as a form of handshaking.

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