646 doctors have lost their lives in the second wave: IMA

Indian Medical Association(IMA) informed on Saturday that 646 doctors have died due to the ongoing coronavirus second wave pandemic. The data reveals that the national capital of India – Delhi has the highest number of fatalities rated 109.

Doctors play a crucial role in helping the country recover from the covid 19 global pandemics. While tackling the pandemic, many doctors have lost their lives. This was a Noble sacrifice that doctors did to their home country. IMA recently released data that reveals the number of doctors who died due to the second wave in India, region-wise.  

IMA covid registry second wave state-wise doctor martyrs list was released by the Indian Medical Association on Saturday. The list released shocking information on the number of doctors who died in the ongoing second wave of coronavirus pandemic.

The first wave of the coronavirus pandemic has swallowed 748 doctors, as per the report of the Indian Medical Association. Compared to the first wave, the second wave has fewer fatalities. The introduction of vaccination and increased awareness among the public along with precautionary measures may be the reason for this reduction in the number of fatalities.

While Delhi has the highest number of fatalities rated 109, Buhar stands second in the list with 97 deaths, followed by Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. In the southern region, Andhra has lost 35 doctors, followed by Telangana which has lost 34 doctors. Tamil Nadu has sacrificed 32 doctors, while Karnataka and Kerala have lost 9 and 5 doctors respectively. 

The covid 19 positive cases are declining in the last week. 21,410 cases were reported as new positive cases throughout the country as per Saturday’s report.

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