There is an amid rising of Black Fungus cases in many parts of India. Four cases were reported from Patna in Bihar. One of the patients of the white fungus is a specialist doctor from Patna itself. White Fungus patients show the symptoms of Corona but they were not Covid-19 positive.

This fungus affection attack people who have weak immunity. It mostly affects the Kidney, Brain, private parts, mouth, skin and lungs. White Fungus is far more dangerous than Black Fungus. Do you know how White Fungus infections different from Black Fungus infections? How to protect yourself? From last year India is suffering and struggling from another epidemic called Black Fungus. It is mostly found in the covid patients, diabetic patients or who have kidney and heart problems.

black fungal infections

On the other hand, White Fungus has also started to spread its wings. The symptoms of White Fungus are Cough, Diarrhea, Dark spots on the lungs, reduced oxygen level. Also, the symptoms of Black Fungus are Headache, Facial Deformity, Nasal Congestion, Swelling in the eyes and cheeks. Dr. Ishwar Gilada an infectious disease doctor said, “White Fungus is a myth and a misconception. It is basically candidates, a fungal infection caused by a type of fungus called Candida and also it is the most common fungal infection ’’.

white fungal infections

Candidiasis is easily diagnosed and treated. Those who are diabetic had taken steroids during Covid-19 treatment for a long time is now suffering from candidiasis. Although on the other side of the reports, Black Fungus cases are increasing day by day in many different parts of India. Rajasthan has crossed over the highest no of Black Fungus cases and also there is an extreme shortage of Amphotericin B. If any person is highly infected with this Black Fungal infection then doctors do surgery inside the nose, ear, eyes and throat.

As through the research and scientific reports, this fungal infection will mostly affect the children. Recently, a boy of 13 years reported an infection by this dreaded “BLACK FUNGUS”. Doctors said that these fungal infections are like a Coronavirus, but this will be detected when HRCT is performed on the infected patient.

  1. India and the whole world is going through with all these diseases, we never heard before about all these fungal diseases but now we should aware of these.We should not worry about all these things which were happening around us which affects our mental and physical health but to protect ourselves we should have some knowledge about all these.

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