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Ambedkar college turned into covid centre with first 100 beds

The Ambedkar College located in Yamuna vihar is now turning in to covid centre starts with 100 beds inaugurated by development minister Gopal rai. He quoted that is Covid centre is attached with guru teg bahadur hospital with 50 oxygen beds and 50 normal beds. The patient can call on provided number 9717490962 for consultation from the doctors after that can be admitted in the centre.

The state government has made sure about the availability of proper adequate facilities like experienced nurses, doctors medical, oxygen concentrator in the centre for the patient. This covid centre is especially established for the improvement of the people because in this densely populated area the people were experiencing difficulty for being in isolation.

Gopal rai also said that government is carefully monitoring the situation and the covid cases in Delhi is decreasing day by day. There was constant demand for the covid centre in the whole area of Yamuna Vihar because of miniature houses the covid patient are experiencing difficulty for staying in isolation.

In view of this demand, a centre has established here. If anyone experiences difficulty in staying in isolation at home can be shifted here in the centre after the consultation of doctors. During the isolation if anyone discovers the problem of oxygen, then there is the availability of oxygen concentrator. As this centre is attached to the doctors of GTB hospital.

Doctors of GTB Hospital is monitoring this centre. If there is any problem, he/she will be referred to GTB Hospital for the treatment.Cabinet minister said that all the facilities including medical staff and doctors are provided my Delhi government. While facilities like beds, oxygen concentrators, and food are provided by different NGOs.

There decrease in the number of covid cases but people are still experiencing problems. With the opening of this centre, local people will be capable to isolate here. As they are experiencing the problem due to miniature houses. Therefore, people demanded that there should be a centre where they offer a facility to isolate.

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