After a series of fungal infections ranging from black, white to yellow were reported in the country, cases of another invasive fungal infection have seen a rise in Vadodara, Gujarat. Two government hospitals in the city, SSG and Gotri medical college, that are dealing with nearly 262 cases of black fungus have reported 8 cases of the Nasal Aspergillosis fungal infection in the past week. They have stated that this fungus has been found in those that are either COVID positive or have just recovered from it.

Aspergillosis: Next in the line of Fungal Infections

The Consultant of COVID-19 for Vadodara city, Dr Sheetal Mistry, issued a statement to The Indian Express regarding the cases of Aspergillosis in the city. He said, “Pulmonary aspergillosis is usually seen in immuno-compromised patients, but aspergillosis of the sinus is rare. This disease is now seen in those patients who have been cured of Covid or are undergoing treatment. However, aspergillosis is not as dangerous as black fungus (mucormycosis).”

Dr Mistry also went on to state the reasons for the infection rise as usage of steroids in COVID-19 treatment and usage of non-sterile water for hydrating oxygen supply.

Aspergillosis: Next in the line of Fungal Infections

Upon being asked if Aspergillosis too could be classified by colour codes, he replied, “It is being called while or yellow fungus but it presents itself in different colours. In some cases, it shows brown, bluish-green, yellowish-green, green, and even gray. The treatment is the same, using Amphotericin-B,”. Amphotericin-B is the common antifungal medication that is being used to treat all varieties of fungal infections in the country.

Aspergillosis: Next in the line of Fungal Infections

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