international tea day

International Tea Day is observed annually on 21st MAY, 2021 to celebrate the drinking of tea. But this year you should try different herbal teas to become healthy and fit.  Do you know there are many types of herbal teas? What are the benefits of those teas and for what health issues these teas are useful? 

No, then we have answers of all the questions that are stuck into your mind that can make your lifestyle more healthy. Herbal teas are there from centuries. Herbal teas are made from spices, herbs, dried flowers. Herbal Teas have a wide range of variety with the essence of aroma and different flavors that makes our taste more tempting. Herbal Teas have the properties to cure many problems and diseases. It has been used as ailment from thousands of years. People from older generation prefer healthy teas more than taking any medical cure. There are some Herbal Teas that we should try for a strong immune system and for a healthy lifestyle.

Chamomile is a popular beverage. It comes from the flower like daisy from the family of Asteraceae plant. The benefits from the Chamomile Tea are to reduce menstrual pain, it treats the person with lowering blood sugar and in diabetes, and also it helps with the sleep. Also, Chamomile is well known for its calming properties.

ginger tea on international tea day

 Ginger tea is a spicy and a flavorful beverage that has a punch of healthy, disease –fighting antioxidants that can kill any type of bacteria inside our body. It also helps strong immune system and also it is a very effective remedy for the nausea. Ginger Tea helps to prevent stomach problems such as indigestion and constipation.

hibiscus tea on international tea day

 Hibiscus Tea is made from the colorful of the hibiscus plant. It has a pink-red color and also refreshing.  Hibiscus Tea is also served as hot or iced tea. Hibiscus Tea offers healthy properties. Hibiscus Tea should be drink especially during the highly effective strains of the bird flu. It has a positive effect on high blood pressure.

echinacea tea on international tea day

 Echinacea Tea is an extremely popular remedy for fighting against to shorten the common cold. Echinacea may help to boost the immune system which could help to fight against any kind of infection and bacteria. Also taking Echinacea Tea is an herbal drink to soothe your throat and to clear your stuffy nose.

             Rose Hip Tea is made with the fruit of the rose plant. It has Vitamin – C. This Tea helps with Arthritis and Osteoarthritis. It mostly helps in the pain, weight management for the over weighted person. Also, Rose Hip Powder helps with the wrinkles around the eyes.

         Passionflower Tea is made from the leaves, stems and flowers. It is traditionally used to relieve anxiety and improve sleep quality. People nowadays have lot of anxiety and this helps to reduce the anxiety. It is an anxiety – relieving medicine.

        White Tea has the most potent anticancer properties and more beneficial to more processed teas. Herbal Teas come in a variety of delicious flavors and are naturally free of sugar and calories. Many herbal teas also offer modern science has begun in traditional uses.


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