On Monday according to government data Delhi recorded less than 200 hospital admissions of COVID-19 patients in lowest in nearly two months. The data shows that the number of patients of COVID-19 discharged from hospitals in more than the patient admitted since May 14.

According to the government figures, 182 corona patients were admitted in Delhi on Monday while 333 patients have been discharged. On Saturday and Sunday, 228 and 237 patients were admitted in the hospitals respectively while 619 and 425 patients were discharged. Since May 16, the number of patients being admitted daily in hospitals has come down to 1000. On 29 April 1993 patients were admitted. 

In April from 1st to 5th, the daily cases were less than 5000 and the number of patients admitted was more than those who were discharged. On May 14, 1256 patients of Kovid-19 were admitted and 1331 patients were discharged. The next day 1052 patients had to be hospitalized while 1379 patients were discharged. 

In the last two months in Delhi, the least number of patients of covid-19 were admitted in hospitals

Between 16 and 20 May last month, 952, 914, 806, 731, and 560 patients were admitted and 1079, 895, 1326, 1069 and 978 patients were discharged respectively. At the same time, during the last 24 hours, 1423 people have been cured of corona virus in Delhi and now only 10178 active corona cases are left in Delhi.

The vaccination campaign in the fight against Corona in Delhi has been sluggish in the last few days, 56623 people have been given the vaccine during the last 24 hours. So far, more than 54 lakh people have been vaccinated in Delhi, out of which 41.85 lakh have received the first dose and 12.24 lakh have received both doses.

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