Indian Government books 30cr doses of the second Indian made Covid19 vaccine from Biological E
The central government has made arrangements with the Hyderabad-based vaccine manufacturer Biological E and has booked 30cr doses of second Indian made vaccine. These vaccine doses are scheduled to be manufactured and stockpiled from August to December 2021. On Thursday, the Health Ministry released a statement mentioning that an advanced payment of 1500 cr will be made of Biological E.

Biological E’s Covid19 vaccine is an RBD protein subunit vaccine. As per the Health Ministry, the vaccine is undergoing phase-3 clinical trials and will not be available for the next few months. The price of the Biological E vaccine is not yet known. However, according to the manufacturing company, this Indian made vaccine may become the most affordable among other options available in the country.

In a statement the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare said that “The proposal of M/s Biological-E was examined and recommended for approval after due diligence by National Expert Group on Vaccine Administration for COVID-19 (NEGVAC)”.

Biological E’s Covid19 vaccine has already received financial assistance from the Department of Biotechnology with grants of more than 100 crores to conduct research and trials. The vaccine has also been supported by the Government of India from its preclinical stage to phase 3 studies.

The Health Ministry also added in the statement that “This has been undertaken as a part of Government of India’s “Mission Covid Suraksha – Indian Covid19 vaccine Development Mission” which has been launched to reinforce and accelerate Covid19 Vaccine Development efforts as a part of the third Stimulus Package, Atmanirbhar 3.0”.

The Biological-E vaccine is being developed in association with the Baylor College of Medicine in the United States. It already has two agreements to manufacture the vaccine in India that is with Canada-based Providence Therapeutics Holdings and another with Johnson & Johnson.

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