There’s a rampant rise in the number of fungal infections reported amongst people, especially those who have recovered from Corona Virus infection. After Black Fungus and White fungus now, there is another number of yellow fungus on the visit. Today, AIIMS Chief Randeep Guleria warned against the “Confusion” created by giving fungal infection of different colours that is based on how and where they have infected the body. A 45-year-old patient in Ghaziabad was found to have a symptom of yellow fungus, according to BP Tyagi, an ENT specialist. Also, the same patient has symptoms of Black Fungus and White fungus that is more dangerous.

According to doctors, the major symptoms of Yellow Fungus are Lethargy, Lack of Appetite, Loss of weight. In some cases, there could be pus, wounds taking a long time to heal, malnutrition, organs not functioning or sunken eyes.

Black Fungus and White fungus now, there is another number of yellow fungus on the visit

Dr. Tyagi told that this Yellow Fungus is a deadly infection that starts affecting internally so it is important to note any symptom and that can help in early detection and treatment. It is really important to maintain cleanliness, sanitation and hygiene in order to fight again the disease. Also, the doctor mentioned that fungus mainly thrives on unhygienic surroundings and humidity.

Also, the patient who has yellow fungus has been in a hospital with covid for several weeks and was recovering when in last four days doctor noticed the swelling on his one side of the fall and also the sunken eyes and had a nosebleed. On the other hand, Randeep Guleria said that “Naming the same fungus based on colours, depending on the area of infection creates confusion.

In general, in this time we saw mostly the cases of Black Fungus aka mucormycosis and White Fungus aka Candida. These are mostly found in the Covid patients who had taken a steroids and diabetes. They are mainly found in the nose, eyes and brain. They attacked these parts dangerously so that it can also take people lives.

Candida is mostly attacking the people who have weak immunity. Candida can spread through blood, affect private places, etc. Candida affects the lungs and it is less deadly than Black Fungus, according to doctors. Also, it can affect the nose, brain, stomach, kidney etc. The least common is Aspergilloses which only affects the lungs and may cause allergic reactions to the body. “It is called Allergic Bronchopulmonary Aspergilloses. It creates cavities in Lungs and harms them “, said Randeep Guleria.

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