Biotechnology company Bharat Biotech announced on Sunday that new research shows that locally produced Covid-19 vaccines are effective against the first coronavirus strains discovered in India (B.617) and the United Kingdom (B.7). For all major new Covid-19 new major variants neutralized (concentrated) name. Covaxin is one of three Covid-19 vaccines currently available in India. The other two are Covishield and SputnikV. According to the Joint Ministry of Health, although India is fighting the second pandemic of influenza, more than 18 million doses of Covid vaccine have been injected across the country. …

Covaxin effective against Covid strain found in India, UK variant

Covaxin has once again gained international recognition because of published scientific research results that prove to be resistant to new mutations. Suchitra Ella, the co-founder and CEO of Bharat Biotech, said in a tweet that he still has a feather on his hat.Bharat Biotech pointed out that the study showed that compared with the B.617 vaccine variant, the neutralization effect was reduced by 1.95 times compared with the D614G vaccine variant.

Key highlights for covaxin

1. In India and the United Kingdom, Covaxin has been shown to be effective against coronavirus strains.

2. It is effective for B.617 and B.7, and was first discovered in India and the United Kingdom.

3.This research was conducted in collaboration with the National Institute of Virology and ICMR.


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