New Delhi: On Friday, 7th May at 4:30 pm a meeting was held by Delhi CM (chief minister) Arvind Kejriwal with cabinet ministers in an account of the covid-19 Crisis situation in the capital. Delhi is one of the worst-hit cities by the virus. The high demand for hospital beds and oxygen has made patients and hospitals struggle across the nation. In the past week, Delhi has come across thousands of deaths due to the virus.

According to the bulletin released by the Delhi health department a 25% drop has been observed in the positivity rate for the first time since 18th April. It has recorded 19,133 new cases and 335 deaths. The real figures and condition of India are 10 times worse than the released numbers said the medical experts.

The healthcare system has been taking a hit since the very first wave of the virus but second, the wave has already brought the system crumbling down, and the third wave is yet to approach.
The political parties including Prime Minister Narendra Modi are being highly criticized for organizing massive rallies, permission being granted for huge gatherings and festivals, money being invested in making statues instead of investing in the healthcare industry in these crucial times.

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India is one of the biggest manufacturers of the vaccine, not even 10% of the population has received the vaccination. The country has administered 15.7 crore vaccines yet the rate of vaccination seems to be falling. Patients and hospitals are struggling because of a lack of beds, medicine, and oxygen
Since pandemic India has recorded 2.1crore cases and 2,34,083 deaths ever since the first wave.

This meeting will encounter the Covid-19 crisis being faced due to covid which has led to many deaths in the capital. The deputy chief minister, health minister, health secretary, and district magistrates of all districts will attend the meeting.

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