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The International Cricket Council (ICC) announced on Tuesday the next cycle (202123) of each team’s bilateral competition and announced a simplified scoring system after studying the comments of the first version of the WTC.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has announced the second cycle of the WTC, which will begin in August. The apex body has additionally announced the points system based on which the league standings of the teams are going to be set.

Source: icc website

After ICC decided to change the scoring system in the middle of the game, it was criticized in the last cycle because some matches could not be completed due to Covid-19 interruption. Decided to update its rating system to better reflect the current situation around the world.
ICC Points System:

According to the format published by the ICC, for each win in this round, the team scored a total of 12 points, a tie with 6 points, a draw with 4 points, and a loss with 0 points. The score for each winning streak depends on the number of matches in the winning streak.

Matches in Series and Points:

  • 2 Matches – 24
  • 3 Matches – 36
  • 4 Matches – 48
  • 5 Matches – 60

However, teams are ranked based on the percentage of points earned rather than the total. “We have received remarks that the previous point system needs to be simplified. The Cricket Committee took this into account when proposing a new standardized scoring system for each match.

He upheld the principle of ensuring that all matches in a WTC series count towards the position of a team, while taking into account series between two and five tests in length,” said Geoff Allardice, ICC Acting Chief Executive.

“During the pandemic, we had to switch to ranked teams on the points table based on the percentage of available points earned by each team as not all series could be completed, this helped us identify the finalists and the championship within.” to complete the scheduled time. This method also allowed us to compare the relative performance of the teams at any given time, regardless of how many games they played.

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