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Mahatma Gandhi’s Perception of Sarvodaya and Principles

The present world is a global village with new economic, ecological, social, political issues. Human beings think that all emerging problems will be resolved by discoveries and technological innovations. No one has time for others. The fire of hatred is everywhere but not visible. The world is full of tensions. What is going on today […]


ITERACTIVITY – An important part of learning

jEveryone has a different perspective towards life and solving problems. Hence it is important to understand that from every person we can learn things but for learning interaction is important. Interacting with others not only improve our thought processes but also improve the way we solve the problems and enhances our knowledge. It helps in […]

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What is BDSM? Myths vs Facts BDSM Chapter One

June is considered the pride month and BDSM community. The pride month is associated with the LGBT Community. Although that stands true that is not what the pride month is all about. The pride month is about taking pride in who we are. It is about us accepting it and the ones around us to […]

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Web designer names his new-born son html

Man Named Macaroni 85 Names Newborn Son ‘HTML‘ In Honor Of His Job and Family Tradition The child’s father said that unprecedented names are a piece of a family custom along with his own name being Mac, short for Macaroni 85. A website specialist inside the Philippines named his infant child Hypertext value Language — […]

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EarlyBird Education Introduces Game-Based Screener to help Children with Dyslexia

66% of U.S. fourth graders aren’t perusing at a capable level, and perusing challenges are frequently recognized past the point of no return for school children to find their companions, even with intercession. To help schools distinguish kids in peril for perusing challenges before they start doing combating perusing, EarlyBird Education today reports the cross […]

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Hungry and Angry equal to Hangry Behavior in Fruit Flies

A group of scientists from the University of East Anglia (UEA) and Oxford University, found that male fruit flies became angrier and more hostile towards each other when there was a longer wait between meals.

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Book Review: Remnants of a Separation

Aanchal Malhotra’s Remnants of a Separation is a book that travels with us, takes us through the journey of these people who left their hearts across the border, but managed to bring along materials that will forever remind them of the same.

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Rags to Riches: How do you do it Zero Waste Fashion ?

Be it tones of clothes scrap unloaded in landfills or the waste created on account of quick evolving patterns, design’s ways have consistently been reprimanded for dirtying the climate. Yet, Covid 19 made individuals keep awake and understand that this needed to fluctuate . The maintainable design development developed across the planet . Design tried […]

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Puppies can talk to human being: Reveal in Bray’s Study

Can Puppies talk to Human ? Analysts at the College of Arizona as of late found out that puppies create their socializing abilities in the blink of an eye after birth instead of learned. The fur buddies to the people are not prepared to be great at collaboration with individuals or maybe it is their […]

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Building a learning society and its job in exploring a dubious future

Building a learning society and its job in exploring a dubious future: A new Skillsoft report characterizes a learning society as “furnishing representatives with a climate that gives them admittance to consistent realizing, regardless of whether to gain fresh out of the plastic new abilities or to upgrade their current information.”