jEveryone has a different perspective towards life and solving problems. Hence it is important to understand that from every person we can learn things but for learning interaction is important. Interacting with others not only improve our thought processes but also improve the way we solve the problems and enhances our knowledge. It helps in in decision making and improve the power of critical thinking.

Traditional classroom – Apt example of Interactivity

All of us has been a part of the traditional classroom where the teacher tries to build up an interaction with the students by questioning them and giving the feedback. Interacting with students on a very personal level is also what we see in our day to day lives. Engagement basically improves the level of learning and it also helps in maintaining psychological and personal Bond with the child.


A loophole in the online system of education

For past two years we have been learning online. But the biggest drawback of online learning is lack of interactions we have become lethargic with time. Students and teachers do not interact at all this is where the importance of traditional learning takes place.

It is not the mistake of the teachers of the students but only medium has left the students with no interest in learning and has become difficult to understand things online and to answer it. Classroom environment plays an important role in building up the learning of the students.

Therefore, interactivity is important it is not only about the student and teacher interaction but interaction among the working organisations and interaction among the employees is also important. As we all know that communication is the key of understanding hence the communication gap will not improve the situation but it will make it worst

Ankita Jain

By Ankita Jain

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