AICTE approved engineering courses in mother tongue

In India, Engineering studies, popularly known as B.E ( Bachelor of Engineering) is taught in the English language. This becomes difficult for the students who completed their schooling in their respective mother tongue. This has been problematic for many years, and this issue has come to an end with the announcement of AICTE stating that “We have granted permission to various engineering colleges to offer B.E courses in the mother tongue”. This announcement has made the rural students happier, as most of them finished their schooling in their mother tongue.

B.E courses will be available in various languages Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Gujarati, and Marathi. In the future, they are planning to offer Engineering courses in 11 languages. This initiative by AICTE will benefit rural people and mountain people, as they are not very good with English.

AICTE engineering study

Throughout the nation, B.E was only offered in the English language. This has been problematic for the students who had studied in their mother tongue. Due to the prevalence of the English language in Engineering, many students didn’t opt for Engineering just because of the language of teaching and instructions. This has stopped many talented students to pursue other courses. In short, B.E has missed many gems who may have now had a chance of being nest engineers.

This decision is new in India. But this has already had its roots in China, France, and Russia. “We have taken this decision to “The aim is to impart technical education to the students in their mother tongue so that they can grasp the fundamentals in a much better way”, says AICTE chairman Anil Sahasrabuddhe. He also added that they are planning to introduce 11 UG engineering courses in mother languages in the future. Also, talking about SWAYAM offers over 2,150 courses taught by close to 1,300 instructors from over 135 Indian universities in the English language, which will also be translated into regional languages to make sure that every Indian learns comfortably.

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