From Traditional learning to Alexa

It’s the learning and thinking process developed within the early years of life, which defines the capabilities and prowess to soak up and learn complex subjects later.

The Annual Status of Education Report 2019 report shows that cognitive skills like pattern recognition, sorting objects by size and colour, and spatial awareness are strongly correlated with academic skills like the power to find out smartly or solve complex sums.

Young children are missing out on learning by doing, peer-to-peer learning and developing critical cognitive skills thanks to lack of social interaction thanks to Covid-19.

Newly emerging skills like active learning, resilience, stress tolerance and adaptability also will matter within the jobs of tomorrow.

Leverage technology AI based learning methods, app based learning models and kit based education is leading the way for education globally.

There are many options available in India today to assist kids learn, for a spread aged groups, both online and offline.

Parents with busy schedules may consider subscription based learning methods for his or her kids to stay engaging with new subjects and formats of education while continuing curriculum based learning at college .

The HomeBuddy app could also be a treasure trove of content and features with weekly learning plans recorded lessons, fun zone consisting of interactive games to strengthen learning, worksheets, audiovisuals, DIY activities, Eurofit and Yogakids videos, Mindful and Euromusic videos, read-along stories, takeaways, live classes, and a parent corner.

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  1. Much needed information for young ones these days, an engaging coverage on artificial learning.

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