IISC has launched a free online course on Design For Internet Of Things. This course is for the students who want to learn an overview of loTs, design of small objects that offers collaboration and a multiple range of services. This course is available on NPTEL platform of SWAYAM.

Students who will enrol for their courses will be provided by small video clips that will enable them to design prototypes. This course will be delivered by professor Prabhakar who is a Principal Research Scientist at the IISC, Bangalore.  After learning this course, learners will be able to make the right decision regarding software, hardware as well as the protocols of a proposed application. The topics that are covered in this course are :

  1. Introduction To loT: Definition, applications, challenges: Unique ID, Power, Security and Location.
  2. Addressing the power challenge: RF ID, Energy Harvesting, Battery-based systems and Power Management Systems.
  3. Systems design for low power: LDO, DC-DC converters and low power software.
  4. Sensors and Actuators: Temperature Sensor, Air Quality and Solenoid Values.
  5. Power Management Algorithms
  6. loT Protocols – MQTT, COAP and Web sockets with associated applications.
  7. Low power wireless technologies such as BLE, IEEE 802.15.4e and Wi-Fi.
  8. Low power wide area technologies NBIoT CAT -LTE-M1 and LORA.
IISC Launches Free Online Course on Design for Internet of Things

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Who can enrol in this course?
The course is open to all participants who are intended and wish to learn about the loT technology and mostly, this course will be beneficial for the engineering students from the below streams :
• Electrical Engineering
• Electronics and Communications
• Control and  Instrumentation Engineering
The duration of the course is 8 weeks and the course will start from 26 July 2021 and will end on 17th September 2021.

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