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Nature always symbolizes tranquillity and silence. It is a study at the user experience lab in IIT. The environment somehow manages to calm the mental health of humans. Indian Institute of technology has revealed that experiencing nature can avail in building focus and surmounting diversions.

Humans have spent a major part of their life INDOORS

Today we have to stay at home because of the restrictions due to the novel coronavirus. But afore that also humans stayed indoors. We are living a luxurious life which is making us a patient day by day. The cool winds, green trees, pulchritudinous parks, long walks have taken a back seat. Some moments in the lap of nature can make us calm and deviate our minds from all the stress. But we are always busy in our mobiles and children are there in front of the TV screens.

Brief experiences can help people concentrate on their work in a better way (IIT Delhi)

The study conducted and the IIT Delhi lab verbalizes that brief experiences with nature can amend the concentration power of the people, a walk in the park, taking care of the plants in the garden or viewing greenery can avail in concentrating towards one’s tasks and works in a better way. Nature has always provided man with enough resources. Nature depicts beauty and creativity. Hence this study aims at finding out the effects of nature experiences on the brain processes.

IIT delhi study,Indian institute of technology

An experiment was conducted to check the effects before and after nature experiences

An official verbalized that they provided the video and audio of nature as stimuli. They engendered a nature experience atmosphere in the lab itself. Then they examined the brain activity afore and after the nature experiences. The results derived from this experiment suggested that participants prosperously surmounted their diversions. Nature experiences enhances the brain processes of the human. It avails in enhancing the concentration power.

A Research fellow Dr Pooja sahni at IIT Delhi says that nature experiences evoke positive emotions and is highly rewarding. But they have not fully explored the neural and cognitive processes. The above-mentioned experiment only states that the human brain relaxes after a brief experience with nature.

Indian institute of technology ,IIT delhi

This study aims at recognizing the importance of nature in human life. Humans have ignored nature experiences for past so many years. It is the time to take out a few moments with nature and keep our brains also healthy.

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