Teach for India Fellowship is now open

“The Art of Teaching is the art of assisting Discovery”. This is what Mr. Mark Van Doren said about a profession which modifies and transforms life. If you are interested in the field of Teaching and make people go beyond the given, then this is the right call for you.

Teach for India Fellowship is currently hiring recruits who are interested to work as a full time teacher for 2 years with Perks and remuneration.

Teach for India Fellowship

Teach for India Organisation was founded by a group of activists in the year 2008. The organisation looks for enthusiastic, promising and brightest individuals who are fresh undergraduates from prestigious universities or professionals working in other institutions and organisations who can work as full-time teachers to teach kids belonging from under-resourced schools across the country.

This platform makes the selected candidates aware about the reality of Indian Education System and the major set of differences it has in different states across India. The organization helps the individuals to cultivate the knowledge and skills required to procure the positions of leadership in education and to inculcate the aspects required to bring equity in education.

Teach for India Fellowship provides copious opportunities to the fellows as they can work in different government or low income private schools. They assist the students from class 1 to 10 in subjects varying from English, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science and the fellows teach in cities such as Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Pune, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad.

Friends of Teach for india


The fellows who can apply must be an Indian citizen or an Overseas Citizen
of India with a minimum of Bachelor’s degree or fresh graduates by June/July 2022. The fellows must possess interactive skills, critical thinking, problem solving skills as well as academic excellence.

The organisation also looks for individuals such as working professionals and entrepreneurs from around 300 college campuses and companies with different life and professional experiences.


India, with a population more than a billion, faces one of its severe rising challenges i.e; Educational Inequality. Organisations such as these help to reduce the gap between the individuals who are denied education and the one who acquires education.

Every individual has the right to attain his/her basic right and education is one among them, so why not make a difference in one’s life. Teach for India fellowship provides monthly remuneration to the fellows or selected candidates.


STEP 1:- Application form and the online test

Fill in the application form provided in the website so as to attain information about the candidate’s experience and if he/she is liable for the organisation or not. A one hour online test will be conducted which needs to be completed within 72 hours or 3 days right after the submission of the application form. The candidate’s application form will be valid if he/she submits the test.

STEP:- 2 The Phone Interview

After the application form is reviewed and if the candidate passes the AMCAT test, the organisers would ask some follow up questions. The candidate will be invited to attend a 30-minute phone interview with some additional questions for further evaluation.

STEP:- 3 The Assessment Centre

After clearing the first two steps, the selected candidate will be invited to the assessment centre and would be asked to take a 5-minute lesson and is mandatory to take part in the group activity and problem solving activity assigned.

After clearing all these processes, the candidate will be invited to a one hour personal interview with one of the community members of Teach for India Organisation.


The fellows will be paid a monthly salary of Rs. 20,412 and will receive an allowance for School Supplies. If the fellows have to move from their home city, the organisation will provide a housing allowance varying from Rs.5,300 to Rs.10,000 in accordance with the city they are residing.

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