May month is a season of examinations. This ongoing pandemic situation compelled universities and colleges to shift examination to the online mode. Some universities try their best to conduct examinations through artificial camera-enabled platforms like Mettl, while some others follow the tradition of sending question papers and receiving answer papers through WhatsApp or Google classroom.

IIT Goa made a major revolution in this examination mode. Generally, the teacher will frame a question paper that is to be answered by students. But, IIT Goa moved a step ahead and let their students frame the questions themselves and answer them. This top-notch act by IIT Goa went viral on the internet and became a matter of hot debate.

Based on the viral “question paper”, it was found that the Electrical Engineering Analog circuits paper was framed this way. One of the very advantages of online-based exams is plagiarism. To avoid plagiarism, and to boost the students they come up with this strategy of examination.

The unusual question paper comprises 2 questions toted for 70 marks. The first question instructs the students to prepare questions from the lecture. It will be based on the understanding of the lecture. Students were clearly noticed not to discuss the answers and questions, and if any plagiarism is found, it will lead to a reduction in the score of the examination. Framing the questions alone carried 30 marks. And, the second question was to answer the question that the students framed. This answer section carried 40 marks.

IIT Goa professors made this to make students understand the concepts wholly. Setting a question paper would demand a thorough knowledge of the subject. This will facilitate students to think critically. This is an approach that will reduce the level of plagiarism that is being evidenced in online examinations.

Netizens like students are expressing their pleasure towards this on Twitter. One such instance is “IIT Goa is so chill”. Also, many netizens acclaimed that this is the best question paper of the decade, creativity at its best, IIT Goa is living in 2030, etc.

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