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We have lost a lot of things in this pandemic. From lives to livelihood, from aliment to medicines, everything has declined in quality and quantity. But what is preserved is the learning process of the students even through the online mode. It is the coalesced efforts of all the teachers and the students. Giving up on one whole year for the Vocational education of students was not a good conception. Instead, virtual learningh gave us many opportunities

We are growing digitally and need to develop accordingly

It was the matter of past times when students were edified in the classrooms and were not able to interact with the authentic world but today, we are growing digitally every second an incipient technology or an invention is taking place every second. Our world now a days deals with some of the mundane issues such as climate change, terrorism, corruption, personality development, marketing etc. Are we really experiencing the practicality of these above-mentioned issues?

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World classroom of Vocational education

Change is good and it should happen

What we learn from our books and in our classroom, we marginally apply it in our lives. Our education system prepares us for the examinations. But there is a desideratum of preparation for the world outside the classroom and the universities. The practical life is way more challenging than the theories. Human approach to the authentic life situations is what should be taught in schools, colleges and universities.

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The new amendment in the education system of India

The Indian government has put a step towards the progressive education of the students of India it has decided to have a system of 5+3+3+4 format instead of 10 + 2 format. They have introduced science Arts and Commerce as the multidisciplinary subjects so that the students have the liberty of studying the subjects in which they are interested the students will be given vocational education and the Teachers will focus on the enhancement of their personality and communication skills.

Vocational education

Humanistic skills should be developed in the students

Soft skills of a student develop at an early age. The education of humanistic traits such as respect, Patience, kindness, empathy towards others. Learning should be an interesting affair rather than a burden. Students must learn the issues of time through a value-based approach. The real world will be the classroom for all the students. All the students will not only pass but top the examinations in the form of real-life solutions with flying colours. Better opportunities will knock at the door of every child.

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