The 47- year-old leader and former Union Minister joined the Bharatiya Janata Party on Wednesday in the presence of leaders including Union Minister, Piyush Goyal. Mr. Prasada hails from Uttar Pradesh and belongs to a Brahmin family.Before exiting the Congress party, he  was the general secretary of AICC(All India Congress Committee).

Another prominent leader of the Congress party has quit. Mr. Jitin Prasada, 47, stepped into his career as a young and ambitious general secretary of IYC(Indian Youth Congress). After contesting and winning elections in his hometown, Shahjahanpur, UP in 2004, he was chosen as a Member of Parliament. Mr. Prasada was a Union Minister in the Congress Led government after winning the Lok Sabha elections in 2004 and 2009.

According to reports, People working within the congress party said, ‘Jitin  was Unhappy about how the state affairs in Uttar Pradesh was heading off and moreover the assembly elections was going to commence’. He further added, “Mr. Prasada was barely asked about the matters prevailing in UP. And recently, the thing which vexed him is about the case of changing the guard in the Shahjahanpur district congress Unit and that too without his notice and conscience.

A leader from the congress party who was near and worked with Mr. Jitin said, “He always felt and said that the former leaders from the Samajwadi Party(SP) who joined Congress Party were given more importance than the Leaders who stayed and worked for the party for ages.”

Jitin Prasada joins BJP, Prior to UP Elections

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Jitin  Prasada eventually hosted a string of meetings in Delhi to make a strategy to strengthen the Poll Campaign and to choose agencies which can run it. But his ideas or plans got idle due to the veteran leaders in Bengal taking control of it, said a Congress leader. A similar instance was faced by Congress when a young eminent leader, Jyotiraditya Scindia left the party and joined BJP.

Upon stating the reason for his exit from the party, Mr. Prasada said that “BJP is the only true Party which functions as an institution and is not individual centric”. He was of the view that there is no point to be in politics if you are not involved with serving the people they represent and working for them”.

 Few leaders across the country congratulated him for joining the BJP family whereas on the other hand, the leaders from the former party he served were astounded and saddened by his decision.

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