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The enormity and severity of the post-poll violence in Bengal struck me today, smack in the face, with the morning newspaper. Reiterating what I have always said, they were no better than the BJP. Never. You look at them closely for the signs, you won’t be disappointed However, the scenes

unfolding are a new low, to say the least. We’re back to, He who is the victor shall have the spoils of war. Two primary reasons for the carnage that is being so heavily reported, but no traction in terms of opinion as such.

1. The TMC looking to stamp out all opposition in terms of the voter base, buoyed by their victory, in numbers that they themselves did not imagine.

 2. The BJP state-level leaders, conveniently in hiding, taking no accountability whatsoever in terms of their comments and statements made in a fit of overconfidence. Their poor dedicated workers are now reaping the evil of their doing.

Brings us back to what we had seen a couple of months back. The only question this violence puts forward is: In the quest for deciding as top: who happens to be the lesser evil of the two, was

the evaluation between worse and worst at miscalculated one? Is this what the mandate in Bengal has come to, choosing between two evils? Nobody deserves to die or have any pain inflicted upon himself/herself just on the basis that the said person supports/is in affiliation to a different ideology/party. Leaders at both ends must be held accountable.

Some highlights of the situation being worst in West Bengal
are Reports of CRPF Jawaans being attacked. The Death toll has now increased to 25+, and some journalists say that the death toll is more than 100. Women are being raped by these TMC goons. Children and their pet dogs are slaughtered on the streets. The situation is out of hand. The media is so scared that not even one investigation journalist is on the ground in Bengal. People are literally begging for their lives to be saved. The police are not doing anything.

The Trinamool Congress (TMC) workers have unleashed carnage in West Bengal, following the party’s victory in the Vidhan Sabha polls. On Monday (May 3), the BJP informed that two of its female polling agents were gang-raped by TMC hoodlums in the Nanoor assembly constituency.

 India Today reported that one of the victims of gang rape had been missing since the incident. The two female election agents were working for the Nanoor BJP candidate Tarakeswar Saha. At the same time, several female BJP workers were molested in 12 villages that fall under the Nanoor Vidhan Sabha constituency.

In another incident, TMC goons belonging to the Muslim communitywere seen thrashing female BJP workers in broad daylight in Kendamari village in Nandigram. BJP National General Secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya tweeted about the incident, along with a disturbing video. It could be seen that the two BJP workers were thrashed to the ground by two men. They pulled the victims by the hair while the onlookers stood as mute spectators.

 The situation is  being worst minute by minute, the situation needs to be assessed by the judiciary there in West Bengal.

Aryan Singh

By Aryan Singh

Student of Political Science at Delhi University. A National debater, a Socio-Political enthusiast and a Sportsperson. He dreams to do a good for social cause and to serve his country is his ultimate dream.

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