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It is a popular belief that readers hold that books are better than movies that are adapted from them, and very few movies actually move past that jurisdiction. One of the finest adaptations of a book into a movie is Love, Simon.

A coming of age love story, Love Simon is a queer love story that is beyond what it means to have a conventional love story. Simon Spier asks questions that are uncomfortable for the society that worships the heteronormative culture and believes in love to only be binary in nature.

A Queer Love story Love Simon is now available on Disney+Hotstar

His question, why is straight the default, centers the theme of the movie as does the books, challenging the very meaning of who decides the normal, why it is the normal and how do we ever tag something to be normal and the other, not.

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The reason to love this movie the most is the simplistic way in which the portrayal of the characters has been done. The honest love affair between finding yourself and falling in love with someone else is portrayed in a way so nuanced, it’s almost impossible to not fall for the stories and the characters.

Watch the movie for the honest performances, storyline and all in all, a beautiful love shared between two teenagers who find love in each other in a world where its hard to look for it in someone who is just like you.

In all ways and form.

Shikha Shristi

By Shikha Shristi

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