abhijeet sawant indian idol winner

Singer Abhijeet Sawant, who was also the winner of the first season of Indian Idol, has come forward with his opinions on how reality shows are produced.

Sawant won the show in 2005, after which he enjoyed tremendous success, grabbing opportunities to sing in Bollywood movies as well as release his music.

His most celebrated song continues to be Mohabbatein Lutaaungaa, a song recognised in most parts of the country not long after it was released.

Abhijeet has once again grabbed the headlines after he has chipped in on the ongoing controversy related to Indian Idol. Amit Kumar, son of the legendary singer Kishore Kumar, who recently featured on the show as a special guest, commented about how he did not enjoy the singing of the contestants in the least and wanted to stop the show.

The current season of Indian Idol has also not been well received by the audience, with several people commenting how the judges are ruining their favourite artist’s songs and how this is the worst season of the reality show.

Reflecting on Kumar’s opinion, Sawant talked about how reality shows are focusing more on the stories of the contestants, portraying them as strugglers, rather than their actual talent. Additionally, he said that regional reality shows continue to focus on the talent that a contestant possesses, whereas Hindi reality shows try to milk out any dramatic act that they can. However, he also added that this is what the audience seems to be demanding, for they like to watch a contestant’s sob story.

“The audience loves to watch such stuff apart from singing and that’s the reason it’s included on the show. It’s our duty, the audience’s duty, to come forward and say that we don’t want to watch these love, masala or emotional stories. The makers will always make something that the audience wants and loves to watch. If they say that they want the music then they will have to go back and make shows only with singing”, Abhijeet observed.

He also remarked that it is unfair to compare a newcomer to someone like  Kishore Kumar, who is widely regarded as one of the greatest singers Bollywood has ever produced.

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