Devdas and Loki

Tom Hiddleston aka Loki with his statement in a recent interview has made both Marvel and Bollywood fans astounded. Hollywood actor Tom Hiddleston connects India and Bollywood with Shah Rukh Khan.

Mr. Hiddleston watched Shah Rukh and Aishwarya starrer movie “Devdas” and claims that “He has never seen Anything like that”. And what gives a nostalgic vibe is the reply from the Bollywood King, Shah Rukh Khan.

Shah Rukh Khan & Tom Huddleston

In an interview with an entertainment portal, Tom Hiddleston showered his love for king khan stating his fondness for his works especially the 2002 released movie, “Devdas”. Mr. Hiddleston recalls the time when he watched the film in one of the local cinema halls and was awestruck by the classic Indian Movie.

He recalls the experience and tagged it as an “Extraordinary” and he even claimed that he has never seen anything like that. Before, a special video was sent to Tom Hiddleston by Shah rukh khan. Later, the Hollywood actor retweeted a video during the promotion of his new series, “LOKI”.

Loki teasures

The actor was playing the word association game in which he was asked about India, Mr.Hiddleston expeditiously replied Shah Rukh Khan. And later he was asked to associate a word with Bollywood, he replied, “Am I allowed to say Shah Rukh Khan again? Shah Rukh Khan again.”

In regard with the Hollywood Actor’s remark, Shah Rukh Khan retweeted the video and tagged him as “God of Mischief “

Shah Rukh Khan’s message:-

You are kind, God of Mischief… hope there’s no mischief behind this claim though. Lots of love Tom and can’t wait to binge Loki!!! Starting now- Ep 1!

And moreover, this is not the first time Tom Hiddleston mentioned Shah Rukh Khan. Back in the year 2012, he mentioned his love for India and spoke about Shah Rukh Khan. Mr. Tom Hiddleston has worked in various Marvel Movies namely, The Avengers, Avengers: Infinity War and much more. Currently, in his new series “Loki” he is portraying the role of anti-hero character of Loki. The show is currently available on ‘Disney + Hotstar’.

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