Amazon prime Fire TV cube

Technology has developed over a period of time. Amazon has emerged as one of the important entertainment source. Previously it introduced Amazon Prime. All the movies and web series displayed on prime got immense love and appreciation from the audience.

The Amazon Fire Tv cube is Alexa enabled, making it a good source of entertainment

The newly developed fire Tv has various features. It has  compatible TV, Set Top Box, Smart Home devices and A/V receivers, etc. It is available for 12,999 with inbuilt media player. The company has combined Far0field voice technology. It basically enables us to control the entertainment through Alexa.

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Amazon fire tv cube 2nd Gen stick

A new source of family entertainment at home

Amazon has indirectly given us a reason to stay at home. The whole family can sit together and enjoy watching their favourite shows. This is how people can also adhere to the lockdown rules. They will not get bored sitting at home, damaging their eyes because of the mobile screens.

It has 8 advanced microphones with beam-forming technology

The new fire TV 2nd Gen cube introduced by Amazon give the liberty of navigating the content through the voice. It is much easier to access this new TV as compared to the other televisions. Not only shows and web series but as like YouTube Netflix Amazon Prime are also available on this fire TV 2nd Gen cube.

It is available for every age group A child or an adult and even an old person can easily search upon their favourite channels, shows and apps just through the voice. This newly built fire TV has developed in such a way that Alexa can clearly hear whatever the person is saying therefore there will be no difficulty in navigating anything. This new invention will prove to be helpful and entertaining for the people.

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