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Hollywood Star Angelina Jolie said that the situation prevailed in India due to the Deadly Coronavirus is beyond heartbreaking. She expressed her grief and agony over people‘s suffering and loss and added that she stands with the country with solidarity.

The covid positive cases in India were at its peak ever since the day when the second wave of coronavirus hit the country and India has seen a Spontaneous rise in deaths. Since then, several celebrities across the world have joined hands either in the form of contribution to the country or have taken up the concern through their social sites and expressing their grief.

Angelina Jolie message for India

In a recent interview with Angelina Jolie while during her promotions for her latest film, “Those Who Wish me dead”. Upon asking about what was her take or to share a message on India Battling with the second wave of CoronaVirus, The 46-year-old actress said, “ i would certainly say to everyone, I mean to the people of India with a very heavy heart and just, there is really no words to express the grief, solidarity for all that the people of India are suffering, its beyond heartbreaking. We all are watching and praying that the situation gets improved and our hearts reach out to the families who have lost so many family members and are currently suffering.”

As far as her new project is concerned, she is portraying the role of a frontline worker, i.e; a firefighter. At this moment, she thanked all the frontline workers who risked their life to save millions of lives. She further added, “the frontline workers have decided to take jobs of service and dedicate and risk their lives for others”, “is there a more noble profession”.

Several other Hollywood stars like Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello, Nick Jonas, Reese Witherspoon have come up with their heartfelt thoughts and raised funds globally to help the sufferers in India amid the surge in Covid Cases.

Besides “Those who wish me dead”, Angelina Jolie will be seen in her highly anticipated MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) debut, playing the character as Thena in “Eternals” with stars including, Richard Madden, Kit Harington, Salma Hayek and others. “Eternals” is said to be released on November 4. 2021 in the United States and is directed by Oscar winning director Chloe Zhao.

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