After a week of smashing streaming records on numerous platforms, worldwide phenomena,  BTS dropped a new remix of their steamy single Butter on May 28 at 9:30 a.m IST. Bighit music released the official statement on Weverse following the end of their first tracking week, enlightening fans about the release of “Hotter remix version” for BTS’ latest comeback, Butter. The group also posted some promotional photos that boosted the vitality for the upcoming version among the netizens.

The announcement at the same time highlighted that the remix will be a completely different take compared to the original and “will exude a feel that’s delightfully different from the original song’s bright and lively mood.” Few hours prior to the release, their fandom, ‘Army,’ which also holds the title of the biggest fandom globally, trended #butterhotterremix on Twitter at no 1 worldwide, symbolizing their support, exhilaration, and enthusiasm for this new version.

Complying with the official statement, the new music video exuding a different vibe is certainly a dorkier, cuter, and crazier version of Butter, with Bangtan being playful while donning fancy and dashing outfits. Through this “Hotter” version each member of the group channelizes their inner selves. Moreover, we are baffled as to whether to focus on the members singing in the front or bangtan being crazy at the back. For instance, as much as we enjoyed V’s changing expressions in the close-up, we couldn’t stop laughing at Jimin falling from the chair behind. Similarly, Jin’s fierce singing also made us cackle.

BTS drops a hilarious music video for the latest remix of their smash hit track Butter

Furthermore, it gave fans a deja vu of their dubsmash videos from earlier days. On the whole, it is a delightful music video that showcases BTS’s endearing charms with a lot of humour and suaveness. Eventually, this playfulness reflects their true personality, which is primarily why their fandom adores them.

As per Guinness world record, the official mv on its release broke five major records. It inculcates “Youtube record for most viewers for a video premiere with 3.9 million concurrent viewers”, “Most viewed MV on youtube in 24 hrs- 108.2 M view” previously owned by group’s first English single Dynamite. With this, it also becomes “most viewed YouTube music video in 24 hours by a K-pop group”, “Most streamed track on Spotify in the first 24 hours,” and “most-streamed acts on Spotify (group) with 16.1 billion streams as of April 27.”

BTS has regularly shown their gratification for their fanbase Army throughout the comebacks. This unexpected release has Armys worldwide speculating for more versions of the steamy hot single Butter. We certainly hope that is the case

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BTS drops a hilarious music video
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