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The year 2013 was when I saw the first episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S People around me have been suggesting to me to watch the show for a couple of years. Just like any other teenager, I kept procrastinating. Although the 1994 vibes didn’t quite appeal to my 2012 eyes, I gave the sitcom a shot at least a year later.

There are no second thoughts when I say, I was instantly hooked. Every episode leaves you wanting more, from the first frame of the coffee shop to Ross’s depressingly funny “Hi,” Rachel’s iconic entry in her wedding gown, and Chandler’s sarcasm. After watching all 10 seasons of the sitcom several times, just like any other fan, I was anxiously waiting for a reunion of the cast to happen. Every FRIENDS fan has watched fan-made reunion trailers for ages. .

On 13th May, the glimpse of six people walking in the distance with an acoustic version of a familiar tune playing in the background gave me goosebumps. This didn’t feel fake or fan-made, but the mind wouldn’t settle on if it was happening. After years of anticipation, it’s here.Excitement was flowing all over social media as the show was released on 27th May on HBO Max and Zee5.

Everyone wanted to put their word out there about how they felt after watching the show. Reunion of any kind of beloved sitcom or series comes with a bowl of mixed reactions.It starts with the last scene of the finale episode that aired in 2004. The six friends leave the apartment with the twins. In the present, Ross Geller (David Schwimmer) was the first to arrive on set, followed by Phoebe Buffey (Lisa Kudrow), Rachel Green (Jennifer Anniston), Joey Tribbiani (Matt Le Blanc), Monica Geller (Courtney Cox), also known as CC by the rest of the cast, and Chandler Bing (Mathew Perry).

Friends the reunion  2021

The cast reminisces about their days on set, so many unsaid stories were revealed for the audience to enjoy. The creator of the sitcom took us through the entire rollercoaster of how each character was cast. Iconic scenes were beautifully recreated as if we were sent back to that decade.Celebrities and people all over the world express their gratitude towards the show, how a 90’s show filled their lives with joy and laughter. After 17 years since the finale aired, the show is still relatable to the masses and people still seem to gravitate towards it to enjoy it after a long day.

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The reunion’s highlights would be Lisa Kudrow and Lady Gaga recreating the Phoebe Buffay classic “Smelly Cat,” Mathew Perry and Matt Le Blanc reclining on their famous chairs like old times, and the quiz where Monica and Rachel lost their apartment on the question “What’s Chandler’s Job?” turns out there was no correct answer.

The creators of the show never thought of what Chandler’s character does for a living. Not to give any spoilers for anyone who hasn’t watched it yet, but there’s a very good reason behind why Ross and Rachel’s characters had such great chemistry and were so convincing as a couple. The most hilarious part of all was the fashion show.

Celebrities like Justin Bieber, Cara Delevingne, Cindy Crawford, and many more pulled off an amazing show of all the iconic costumes worn by the cast throughout the show. Rachel’s bridesmaid dress, sputnik costume, holiday armadillo, Ross’s black leather pants rushed so many memories back.

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The F.R.I.E.N.D.S Reunion had all the moments that a fan could ask for. It will make you laugh while holding your stomach as well as wet your eyes with nostalgia. The reunion gave a sense of closure to the fans of the show all over the globe. Six friends living across the hall having fun, loving, and supporting each other through thick and thin; creating and giving plenty of memories to last a lifetime.

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