India’s first selfie museum is here this is very amazing and beautiful museum situated in chennai.

Art is one of the most interesting things, and when it becomes interactive, it gets better. The self-taught artist khnai A.P. Sritar seems to think so too, which is why he opened India’s first 3D art selfie museum in VGP Snow Kingdom in chennai.

 The Click Art Museum is located along the East Coast Road and can swim in the wind away from the city. It is a great addition to the city’s art scene. It is called optical or 3D art worldwide. The interactive experience is composed of 2D images, creating the illusion of a third party.

India's first Chennai's Selfie museum with amazing 3D Arts . India's first selfie museum is here this is a very amazing and beautiful museum situated in Chennai.

This interesting visual art technique originated in France in the 17th century and can also be seen in the old city of Rome. As a unique thing in the field of art, Shreethar created a 3D frame, so each work is not completed until the audience enters the frame.

The man behind the Concept Museum A. P. Sritar is a versatile, self-taught, and award-winning filmmaker. He has hosted more than 60 group shows and exhibitions, and was a pioneer in sourcing giclee (a form of fine art digital printing) from India.

Chennai’s Selfie museum with amazing 3D Arts

Chennai selfie Museum has some interesting works. In order to create an illusion, it is important to have the correct perspective A.Srithar worked with the owner of VGP Snow Kingdom (the theme park where the theme park is located) to design and create a private museum.

India's first Chennai's Selfie museum with amazing 3D Arts

“There is a place for the audience to take photos, and there is a footprint next to each photo, you have to stand on it. There is many interesting arts. This selfie museum is now very famous in India.

This is the essence of the whole exercise. And adding that the picture will only become complete when the audience becomes a part of it.  This is interactive art that’s this museum has very interesting arts. People come here for memorable selfies.

The museum has 24 interactive artworks. There are 42 such locations in 12 countries/regions around the world. Art Gallery Museum. Now we have it in India. The museum is built by the famous Indian artist A.Sritar is known for representing various exciting and enticing art forms in India.

 Created the illusion of the third dimension. This museum seems to be flowing! Coloring with clever photo angles, the activity is fun and interesting.

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