Kevin Hart Hypes movie

Kevin Hart hypes his preparation for the role of Roland in Eli Roth’s upcoming adaptation of Borderlands. Based on the video game franchise developed by Gearbox Software, Borderlands tells the story of mercenaries known as Vault Hunters who journey to the planet of Pandora.

The film, set in a different universe than the games, will tell the story of the Vault Hunters searching for the missing daughter of Atlas, one of the universe’s most powerful businessmen, all while trying to prevent the universe’s destruction.

The film has brought in an impressively talented cast to portray the franchise’s biggest characters. With names like Jamie Lee Curtis as Dr. Tannis, Cate Blanchett as Lilith and Jack Black as Claptrap, it is clear Roth is doing all he can to give audiences’ a spectacle. Though not shown, first look images teased the Borderlands cast in their costumes and they appear to be fairly accurate to their video game counterparts.

Hart is portraying Roland the Vault Hunter and hyped up the amount of preparation he has done for the role during Gearbox Software’s presentation at the E3 video game conference. He spends the majority of his statement addressing the fans directly with an overarching message of mystery.

Kevin Hart Hypes movie

Hart said “I’m going to say it’s amazing for me to have the opportunity to portray the character of Roland… I think the biggest and best thing is the surprise you guys are going to be in for, because you have no idea what I’m doing, or how I’m doing, or why I’m doing it. You got no idea the level [of commitment] I came in at, you got no idea how much preparation I decided to put into this character and this particular role.”

Although Hart has teased the film’s “insane action” before, not much has been shown as of yet. When first cast, many criticized Hart portraying Roland due to the difference in size and personality between him and the character.

However, Hart’s message is a clear statement to anyone who claimed he was not right for the role, letting them know they shouldn’t be so quick to assume what he is going to bring to the table.

Hart is often type cast in comedic roles and those have been some of his strongest performances. With Roland, Hart hopes to show he can take on the role of an action hero and give fans of the original franchise a true interpretation of the character.

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Both Roth and Hart have done very well at teasing what is to come without showing off their hand. As Borderlands continues to cast additional characters to help further develop their world, it will be interesting to see how much of the franchise will be adapted to the big screen.

With Hart, it will be some time before audiences see how much he has truly given to his performance as Roland, yet it seems he has more than prepared himself for the challenge. If Hart is as dedicated to the part as he claims to be, he should have no problem pleasing both gamers and filmgoers when Borderlands finally releases.

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