A well-known and respected face in the theatre and film industry of Karnataka, Sanchari Vijay, has been recognised with signs of brain failure today. This came after having been critical for two days since he faced a grievous accident on Saturday, the 12th of June.

Even though Vijay is physically alive, the worsening condition of his brain shines no hope for the future. His brother, Siddesh Kumar, announced that his family has decided to donate Vijay’s organs in accordance with his wish to pay back to society. He said, “The brain stem has stopped functioning, so we have decided to donate his organs. Vijay always believed in serving society, which we are fulfilling by donating his organs.”.

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In an announcement at 1:15 PM today, a senior consultant neurosurgeon at Apollo, Dr Arun Naik addressed Vijay’s condition saying, “Mr Vijay is being treated in Neuro ICU with all life support. His heart rate and blood pressure are stable. Neurologically he is deeply unconscious and is showing signs of brain failure. The family has come forward and has consented for organ donation keeping in view the current irreversible brain damage. We will continue to treat him with full life support and will follow the guidelines as per organ donation protocol. At this point of time, Mr Vijay is in critical condition and we will extend all supportive care.”

The accident was reported to have happened at around 11:45 PM on Saturday night. As reported by the Indian Express, Vijay was riding as a pillion with his friend Naveen on a motorcycle on their way back from a friend’s house. The motorcycle skidded on the wet road causing them to crash into an electric pole. While Naveen fractured his leg, Vijay was seriously injured on the head. The two friends were said to have been out in the curfew hours to buy medicines.

National Award winning Kannada Actor Sanchari Vijay critical after being detected for brain failure

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After being admitted to Apollo hospital in Bengaluru, Vijay was recognised to have had severe internal bleeding of the brain. Arun Naik had earlier told the media, “He (Vijay) was in a serious condition when we received him in the Emergency Department. A CT scan of the brain was done which showed very severe brain injury in addition to a subdural hematoma (brain bleeding). Immediate brain surgery was done to remove the brain haemorrhage. Currently, he is in the Neuro ICU with full life support. He continues to be in a coma state and is very critical.”

After two crucial days of fighting for his life, Sanchari Vijay is now slipping away into the dark by the minute. He had been declared dead by most of the media earlier today but the afternoon statement by the hospital clarified that he’s practically alive but is showing signs of brain failure. If he slipped into a state of being brain dead, only then would he be declared practically dead, paving way for beginning his organ donation process.

Vijay rose to fame for his National-Award winning performance as a transgender person in BS Lingadevaru’s 2015 movie Naanu Avanalla…Avalu’. His other notable performances were Oggarane, Killing Veerappan, Naaticharaami and many more.

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