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Bozoma talks about inclusion, new challenges and gave career advice in her interview with CBS This Morning on Monday

Bozoma Saint John has been the Chief Marketing Officer of Netflix since June 2018. Previous to that she has worked with Endeavor as the CMO, Uber as the Chief Branding Officer (CBO), Marketing Executive at Apple Music and at PepsiCo in her earlier years. In May 2021 the list of Most Influential Female Leaders in Africa within the corporate and business sphere included her name among the Top 50.

She has always been vocal about how she wants to change the work environment to include more people of colour and women. When asked what particular changes she would want to be done in her company to have more people of colour, she replies, “Sometimes we let the responsibility (to take action) go to someone else, like the Government or the CEO or somebody else who can make a policy to change the way that we behave and that is why I want us all to realize that the power (to make a change) lies within us.”

She further strengthens the point by explaining how our influences, friends and sources to which we refer for some news have an effect of how we behave with people of colour. She then pressed by saying that if everyone understands the way they behave and decide to change it, that it would make a difference. Not just people of colour but everyone single individual that one interacts with, if they treat them right, she says that is what would make a difference.

She then says that irrespective of the company that she works in, she is herself at the core and that she works with everything she has, and that opinions of others on her work matter and she tries to include those opinions to make herself better.

She is also the curator of The Badass Workshop a program she launched in 2021 in which she helps people to achieve the ultimate goal of being their greatest self.

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