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Have you ever watched a movie that is so nuanced in it’s making that it turns your entire perspective around, forces you to question your privilege and makes you uncomfortable in a way where you can’t comprehend the effect that it has on you?

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Do you ever watch a movie that questions the caste class difference without asking a single question, rather, depicting the truth of the society in the most honest way there is, wherein you realise the complexities of it by the characters and still see yourself in them?

Sir is one of those movies. It challenges the notion of love is love and shows the complexities of falling for a person who does not belong to your class. The romanticisation of love has blurred the lines of consciously eradicating these differences at every step, every part of the society and not just when you fall in love with someone.

Sir (2020) Is Love Enough Movie Reviews

Sir makes you uncomfortable in the right ways, slowly picking up the realities of modern world and prevalence of class difference in today, keeping the sanctity of humans beyond demarcations of societal differences and innocence of love.

Watch the movie for brilliant performances, brutally honest portrayals and a storyline that will push you to think. Watch it for the brilliantly nuanced storytelling and let yourself wonder.

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