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The release of the film ‘Nyay: The Justice,‘ which is based on the death of Bollywood star Sushant Singh Rajput, was refused by the Delhi High Court on Thursday, stating that “artistic freedom to create fictional works cannot be controlled.”

Nyay: The Justice for SSR

The Delhi High Court has declined to postpone the release of the film ‘Nyay: The Justice,’ which is based on the life of late actor Sushant Singh Rajput and is scheduled to launch on Friday. Sushant’s father, Krishna Kishore Singh, had filed an application to prohibit anyone from exploiting his son’s name or likeness in films, but Justice Sanjeev Narula denied it.

Sushant’s father, Krishna Kishore Singh, filed a court case alleging that the film was shot without his consent and released in an “orchestrated way” by those accused of playing a role in his son’s death. The petition was dismissed by the court. The panel, chaired by Justice Sanjeev Narula, did, however, order the movie producers to keep track of the film’s finances.

The artistic freedom to produce fictional works cannot be regulated, constrained, or constrained within predetermined parameters. The court cannot filter real-life occurrences, and an artist’s inspiration can come from anywhere.

This Court finds merit in the Defendants’ claim that information of SSR’s death received widespread and prolonged news coverage in all media, which are available in the public domain and form a part of the public record.” the Delhi High Court said.

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Artistic freedom cannot controlled

‘Nyay: The Justice,’ ‘Suicide or Murder: A Star Was Lost,‘ ‘Shashank,’ and an unknown crowd-funded film are among the upcoming or prospective movie projects based on Rajput’s life cited in the plea.

According to the petition, which was filed by lawyers Akshay Dev, Varun Singh, Abhijeet Pandey, and Samruddhi Bendbhar, the film ‘Nyay’ is set to be released in June, while filming for ‘Suicide or Murder: A Star Was Lost’ and ‘Shashank’ has begun.

The suit further claims that because Rajput is a well-known celebrity, “any usage of his name, picture, caricature, or way of delivering dialogues also amounts to violation of the plaintiff’s personality right besides acts of passing off.”

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The high court stated that “fundamental facts must be demonstrated and proven, and mere celebrity status is insufficient” in this case. The high court also found “no basis to hold that the film would cause the public to believe that it is a legitimate story or a biopic that has been authorised or supported by the Plaintiff.”

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