Friends The reunion Series

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. has been an iconic TV sitcom for all of us. The characters were relatable, and for a lot of us they have helped us through some really tough times. Each of the characters have taught us something, and here is a list of what I have learnt from them

Ross Geller

  • Accept others decisions and help them, even if they have hurt you in the past.
  • If you love what you do, there is nothing that can stop you from enjoying it and achieving your goals.
  • Its ok to love something that others don’t like, its ok if others make fun of you for it, what matters is that you are happy and you enjoy it.
  • Its ok to have three failed marriages
  • Say the right name at your wedding

Monica Geller

  • Cleanliness is for your own self, it keeps you healthy
  • Setbacks will come and go, so keep your head up and face everything with confidence.
  • Its ok to make mistakes and buy things that you might never use, but you need to accept them, and try to correct them
  • Food is the way to everyone’s heart
Friends Character Has taught us message

Joey Tribbiani

  • You will fail, but don’t give up just because of failures.
  • Don’t lie in your resume
  • There is something really pure about this character, most of the things that were good, and funny actually took place because of him,
  • but in the end, he is the only one who remained alone, everyone except him, got their better halves and started their own families, while he remained single

Rachel Green

  • It’s your own efforts that determine your success, not your parents
  • Pursue your dreams, no matter what you have to give up for them.
  • Celebrate your success, no matter how big or small it is.
  • Its ok to run away and start your life the way you want to if you are not happy with yourself.
Friends Characters Message

Candler Bing

  • Dance like no one is watching, even if everyone is watching
  • It’s never a bad time to crack a joke
  • Its ok to fall in love with your best friend, in the long run, who knows you may end up marrying her
  • It’s never too late to change your career, if you are not satisfied or happy with what you are doing.

Phoebe Buffay

  • Sing for yourself, even if everybody thinks it is pathetic, do it if it makes you happy
  • It doesn’t matter if you were a homeless street thug a few years ago, good friends can make your life amazing
  • True friends accept you the way you are, no matter how different and unique you are from everyone around you
  • It’s OK to be different
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