Amy Schumer and john Krasinski have a great exchange over her a quiet place II review
Amy Schumer laid out her review for A Quiet Place Part II, while also including an amusing comment about John Krasinski and his wife, fellow actor and star of the sequel, Emily Blunt.

This past weekend, A Quiet Place Part II, which was once supposed to premiere in spring 2020, finally opened in theatres. Like its 2018 predecessor, the horror sequel has received a lot of praise, and among its fans is comedian and actress Amy Schumer. She shared her positive thoughts about A Quiet Place Part II on social media, which led to her having a great exchange with director John Krasinski.

He said that “I loved every second of @aquietplacemovie even better than the first one which blew me away. Amazing to be in a movie theater, and although I’ve said for a long time I think Emily and John have a pretend marriage for publicity. But I still think you should see it this rainy weekend.”

That’s not to say everyone will feel the Quiet Place sequel is superior to the original, but it’s definitely collecting a lot of positive reception, ranking on Rotten Tomatoes at 91% among professional critics and 94% among audiences. That’s nothing to sneeze at.

As for Amy Schumer’s comment about John Krasinski and Emily Blunt’s marriage, Krasinski stopped by the comments section of Schumer’s Instagram post to say the following:

“Thank you Amy!… for blowing up our whole marriage spot.”

John Krasinski just kept the joke that Amy Schumer started going a little longer; it’s nice to see him being a good sport. As with A Quiet Place, Krasinski sat back in the director’s chair for A Quiet Place Part II and worked on the script, but this time around, he didn’t have nearly as much screen time. That’s because his character, Lee Abbot, died in the first movie, limiting his presence in the sequel to the opening flashback sequence. With her husband dead, A Quiet Place Part II follows Emily Blunt’s Evelyn Abbot guiding her children through this post-apocalyptic world, which has become a tad easier thanks to discovering high-frequency audio feedback in the first movie that makes these monsters vulnerable. The fresh faces in the sequel include Cillian Murphy, Djimon Honsou and Scoot McNairy. A Quiet Place Part II is one of the first movies to play exclusively on the big screen since theaters started reopening with new health and safety measures in place following months of closure in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus far, the horror flick has made $80.5 million worldwide.

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