A Chinese man was arrested on the border between India and Bangladesh for "suspicious activity".
A Chinese man identified by security officials as Han Junwei was found holding a Chinese passport and Bangladesh visa, a laptop computer and three SIM cards.

New Delhi: 35 years old in China. Authorities said the old man was arrested and detained for “suspicious activities” in the Marda area near the border of West Bengal.

 Chinese passport with Bangladesh visa, laptop and three SIM cards. These cards were found on a man who was identified as Han Junwei by security personnel. “He was intercepted at 7 am. We took him to the Kaliachak post and notified other authorities.

They are interrogating him,” a senior official asked NDTV. The official stated that the Chinese “intruder” does not seem to speak English.

 So they face difficulty while communicating with him, the official said.

Marda has an international border with Bangladesh, which is one of the most transparent. The area is often used for smuggling drugs, weapons, livestock and illegal immigrants, and he risks changing The reason for the position will be revealed by India after the (interrogation) is over,” another official said.

The BSF’s South Bengal border protects the border between India and Bangladesh in the Malda area. Security companies want to see if Han Junwei was alone or more like him sneaking into Indian territory.

 The destination of your trip to Bangladesh. “Further details and explanations of his adventure in the Indian aspect could be identified once the (interrogation) session ended,” said another official.

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