Cost of free vaccination and Food scheme introduced by Prime Minister Modi in nationwide
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced on Monday that the central government will provide free vaccinations to all citizens over the age of 18 and for more than 80 cr people in the country by November.

 The center will have to spend a whopping 80,000 crore ($ 11 billion) on these policy decisions from Prime Minister Modi.

according to a Bloomberg news report, Provide food to the poor and other eligible groups through November Diwali The centre will need an additional $ 10,000 billion to provide free vaccinations, citing people familiar with the matter, the report said.

The funds, Bloomberg sources said, citing an excess dividend of Rs 99,122 crore it received from the central bank and expected inflows from asset sales. PM Modi also announced a limit of the private amount to 150 rupees, hospitals can charge the cost of buying the vaccine from the manufacturer.

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 India has given doses of $ 23.61 billion since the world’s largest vaccination campaign began on Jan. 16, with 30.4% of the population are now fully vaccinated. No state government would spend anything on vaccines.

Millions of people have received free vaccines so far, now there is an 18-year-old segment added. The Indian government will provide free vaccinations to all citizens. “Said the Prime Minister.

Cost of free vaccination and Food scheme introduced by Prime Minister Modi in nationwide

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Yesterday when the Modi Prime Minister addressed the nation, he said,” As many states have filed a lawsuit to rethink vaccination strategy and restore the system that was before 1. 25% of vaccinations that were with the states are now being carried out by the Indian government. This will be implemented in two weeks.

In two weeks, the centre and the states will make the necessary preparations under the new guidelines, ”said Modi. So far, according to the Union’s Ministry of Health, a total of 23.61 people have been vaccinated in the country, including 33.64.476 people who were vaccinated in the past 24 hours.

Under the mission model, we will increase the vaccination coverage rate from 60% to 90% within 5-6 years. We have not only increased the speed but also expanded the scope of vaccination,” the Prime Minister said. Only a few thousand cases of Covid-19 have been reported, and vaccine companies have received full government support for research and research funding.

Some Answers of common questions :

1. I am over 18 years old, can I get the vaccine for free?

 Answer: Yes, from June 21st, all citizens over the age of 18 will be vaccinated for free, but this free vaccination is only available in the state and central state vaccination centres.

2. Does this mean that if I go to a private vaccination center, I have to pay?

Answer: Yes, people of all ages must pay for vaccination services in private centres, but private centres can only charge 150 rupees.

3. How many doses will be provided for free nationwide?

Answer: According to the new policy, the centre will directly purchase 75% of the total dose produced by vaccine manufacturers.


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