Covishield is more efficacious and produces more anti-bodies than Covaxin, as per study

As per a study conducted recently, Covishield vaccines generate more effect than Covaxine and even produce more anti-bodies as compared to the latter.

After taking the two shots of both the domestically manufactured covid vaccines i.e; Covishield and Covaxine, healthcare workers and staff have shown high immunity in correspondence with the second wave of covid. As per the report, the study was conducted by a group of doctors namely, Sanjeev Ratnakar, Awadhesh Kumar singh , Ritu Singh, Aravind Gupta and the rest of their peers.

According to their research, it displayed that the healthcare workers who were given two jabs of both the vaccines, were more prone to manifest more antibody response towards covishield instead of covaxine. The number of recipients of covid shield who showed anti-body response was approx 90 percent and on the other hand, it was 80 percent for covaxine. The major focus for conducting the study was to analyse the percentage of Anti-body response by both the domestically manufactured covid vaccines among the Indian citizens.

Covishield is more efficacious and produces more anti-bodies than Covaxin, as per study

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As per the sources, a total of 515 healthcare workers were involved, among which 305 were male and the rest 210 included females. Among the 425 covishield recipients, 98.1 percent showed seropositivity and in a total of 90 Covaxin recipients, around 80 percent of them showed seropositivity.

According to reports, Samiran Panda, head of epidemiology and communicable division at the Indian Council of Medical Research, which is   Co-developer of Covaxin, said,Antibody developed or not developed is a binary variable. However, what is the result from a quantitative comparison-also needs to be examined-is the difference between the mean or median titre between the two groups.`”`

He further added that, “ Any Arbitrary draw of a sample brings in a bias and does not allow extrapolation of inference on a larger universe of people”.

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About a population of 4.48Cr people have fully vaccinated which accounts for approx 3.3 per cent. The government aims to vaccinate 95 Crore adults by the year end as vaccine stocks are expected to increase and improve from June.

Though both the vaccines educe good immune responses after the two shots of the vaccine. The seropositivity rates and median anti-body titre were higher in the case of Covishiled as compared to Covaxine. Nevertheless, the proper analysis of the vaccine would only be considered effective if the recipients or the vaccinated person would get the symptoms and be prone to Covid or not even after taking the vaccine shots.

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